See how are valued customers have been amazed…

​"We sincerely appreciate the quality of your work, speed of execution and responsiveness in scheduling appointments.  It is also very convenient that you offer a range of services in addition to window cleaning.  I'm also happy to provide an excellent reference if you are ever in need of one.  We will be contacting you soon for another window cleaning, just as soon as the grading of the new house across the street is complete and we're free of flying dirt in the neighborhood!  Thanks again.
--Kelly Dayan

"Its always sooo nice to have someone follow through on work they are contracted to do.  Shawn was on time, worked with much efficiency, and conducted himself with great professionalism.  We were thrilled to have sparkling windows at a reasonable price.  Thank you for a job well done."
--Brady and Kelly Hull

"I can’t say enough about the professionalism I experienced with Windows Will Shine, Inc. They offered the best price in town, and I obtained several quotes. They were very thorough, meticulous, on time, and worked from morning to night.  Windows Will Shine was an absolute pleasure to work with and I will gladly refer them to any one needing their services.  My windows 'sparkle' and it feels so clean now. "
--Gina Wagner

"We hired Windows Will Shine to remove pine needles from our roof and gutters as well as clean all of our windows on the outside. We were extremely happy with the work that they did. They were very courteous and took their time to get things done right.  We would highly recommend Windows Will Shine for the services that they performed for us."
--Joe and Carolyn Thompson

"Windows Will Shine has done an excellent job on both the inside and outside of our house.  In my past experience with other window cleaners, not only were there often times missed areas of the windows, but if the inside windows were cleaned there was a mess in the window sills.  They did a meticulous job both in and out.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone!"
--Carole Denney

"Thank you for doing such a great job on the windows!  You did awesome work and they really give the house a lift.  I've done the job before and I know it is alot of hard work.  One of the neighbors asked about the work today and I brought them in to show them off.  I'll be calling you again after I move and probably for a gift certificate as well for my parents.  Thanks again."
--Tessa O'Sullivan

"Three years ago we moved into a new house that is open and bright with lots of beautiful windows. In the yellow pages the name 'Windows Will Shine' caught our attention as that was the result we wanted. Shawn Kascak and his company have done an excellent job of keeping our windows clean and shining inside and outside. We have found Shawn and his workmen to be very trustworthy, dependable and careful to do a thorough job every time. We have always been pleased to recommend their work to our friends. Now that Shawn is offering a pressure washing service, we are looking forward to keeping a clean house exterior, deck and driveway as well as to have windows that will shine."
--Ernest and Mary Holley

"I would like to personally recommend, with no reservations, the excellent and reliable work Windows Will Shine performs. They are always on time, reliable and does an impeccable job cleaning windows. They have been cleaning the windows at our home over the last three years."
--Norma Herd

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the job you did for us. Our windows do shine and look great! It makes the whole house 'feel cleaner'. It is also wonderful to find someone so trustworthy, dependable and meticulous in their work. We will definitely call you for future cleaning and feel free to use us as a reference."
--Lanny and Pat Hill

"My wife and I were pleased with the work of cleaning the windows in our house. The work was performed in a timely and professional manner, and the end results were excellent. We plan to use your services again in the spring. Thanks for a professional job."
--Joseph and Carolyn Clark

"I wholeheartedly recommend Windows Will Shine, Inc. to clean your windows. Shawn Kascak is a thorough and conscientious business owner. I have used his company several times and have been very pleased with the work. He is dependable and will arrive at the designated time and work until the job is done. He will go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done right."
--Dawn Rowley

"We have used Windows Will Shine, Inc. for cleaning the windows on our home and were very pleased with the job they did and the care they showed with our home. Even though our home is on a steeply sloping lot and is 3 stories tall in the rear, they had no problem dealing with our particular challenging windows. Windows Will Shine, Inc. also does the windows at our office and we are pleased with that work as well. I have no hesitation in recommending them for either home or office jobs."
--Chris J. Ryg

"Windows Will Shine is a true 'Specialist' when it comes to cleaning windows. Inside and out, sills and screens, all sparkling clean! That dreaded job, complete…at a great price. Windows Will Shine is trustworthy, dependable and thorough. Highly recommended!"
--Bridget Reardon

“I want to thank you for the incredible job you did on my windows inside and out. Not only did you do a professional job but also I felt you treated my home as it was your own with care and pride. They were extremely dirty and I know extra cleaning was done. I have never seen them so clean and shining!! I am a person that loves to look out to see my birds, flowers and trees and with sparkling windows the colors are bright and true. Your hard work and expertise was much appreciated."
--Susie Goodrow

"I sat back in the sunroom during one of our recent thunderstorms. It was fun…the wind and the rain, etc. But there was something different…instead of all the debris I was accustomed to marring our sky lights, they appeared to be crystal! The water seemed to slide off and they stayed clear and clean. You did a terrific job. Thanks."
--H.S. Fenton

"This company lives up to its name…your windows will shine, sparkle, and dazzle. Windows Will Shine, Inc. is committed to doing the job right whether it is cleaning your windows, pressure washing your house or cleaning your deck. It is hard today to find an honest company with a strong work ethic, but Windows Will Shine, Inc. fits the bill. Owner, Shawn Kascak, is a man of integrity and you can always count on him to do the job and do it well."
--Sara Harding

"What a ray of sunshine! I have been getting my windows cleaned by Windows Will Shine, Inc. for over 5 years, and I have never been disappointed by the work, and you can’t say that about many companies nowadays. Never a streak or missed spot always cleans up behind himself and a pleasure to see every year. My windows and sills look beautiful when he leaves. This is one service I don’t mind paying for and the price is very fair. The name speaks for itself, 'Windows Will Shine'.  I have referred them several times to clients and they are always pleased with the service."
--Karen Greene

"We have been using the many services of Windows Will Shine, Inc. for two years now. They always provide excellent work at reasonable prices. Windows Will Shine, Inc. is always punctual and courteous and we certainly recommend them."
--Steve Rogers

"The money I spent with Windows Will Shine, Inc. was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. What a difference clean windows made in the curb appeal of my house when trying to sell it."
--Bonnie Bagwell

"Shawn is punctual, hard-working, efficient, and pleasant. I would recommend him for any residential or commercial window washing or pressure-washing job. He kept my daughter’s office windows shining and my home windows and driveway/walkways always sparkled when he finished.  It is difficult to find and a pleasure to find anyone in a service business that takes pride in a job well done. Shawn goes over and above what it takes to have and keep a happy, satisfied customer. I am very pleased with the work of Windows Will Shine, Inc. and I think that you will be too."
--Gloria Cochran

"Soon after Shumate Mechanical moved into its new facility in 1998, Windows Will Shine began cleaning the many windows in our building. There are around 200 windows on the exterior of our 400-foot-wide building that has two stories. Windows Will Shine cleans them, inside and out, every three months or so.  The weather, landscaping debris, and people can really dirty up windows and glass doors over time. The difference that Windows Will Shine makes in cleaning the glass is clear. Even though they go into all of the offices and move ladders around the exterior of the building, the employees of Windows Will Shine make a minimal impact on our business operations when they are cleaning our glass. I would recommend their services to any company that wants to keep the windows in their office clean using a reliable company."
--Shumate Mechanical

"I use Windows Will Shine to clean all of the windows in my home every year. Neither my wife nor myself want to take the time to clean our windows, but we know how much better looking the yard looks when you can see it through sparkling windows! Windows Will Shine does an excellent job for a very reasonable price, and it keeps us from having to spend a day each year cleaning windows. They are so much faster at cleaning them than we would ever be!"
--Mikhail Britt

"I have been using Windows Will Shine for several years to clean the windows in my home.  My house has many windows, and some of them are three stories off the ground. I trust Windows Will Shine to have full access to my home, inside and out, and they do a quality job of cleaning all of those windows. They really take the time to make sure that the glass is thoroughly clean."
--Nancy Shumate

"This is the second time that Windows Will Shine has cleaned my windows on my home and for a second time, they have done the best possible job on each and every one of my 50 windows.  Every window is crystal-clear, spotless, and streak-free.  The cost and time estimate were both right on target and reasonable.  Shawn Kascak and his crew are very pleasant and courteous to work with, and I will certainly use them on a regular basis.  I will always recommend Windows Will Shine to my neighbors and friends!"
 --Teresa Joel

"My husband has used Windows Will Shine for 7 years to clean the windows at his business.  They clean our windows regularly and have always done a beautiful job.  We had them clean the windows at our home recently.  They arrived on time and cleaned every window until they sparkled.  We will certainly be calling Windows Will Shine from now on to clean our windows and will take advantage of any other service he offers.  It is a pleasure to find a company that takes pride in their work."
--Mike and Ruthie Mason

"We offered Window Will Shine a real challenge which they met with what seemed the greatest of ease.  Our house had 45 windows, 27 of which also had storm windows.  We know they had not been washed in two years and probably never by professionals.  Shawn and his employee arrived at 7 a.m. and worked steadily until after 4 p.m.  Both of these men were so very nice and worked with positively no mess involved.  Our clean windows are such a blessing to us...from the inside looking out and from the street.  We cannot believe the difference our shiny windows have made to the looks of our home.  We will definitely use Windows Will Shine again and would highly recommend them to anyone."
 --Charles and Ronda Willis

"After living in the same house for 17 years, we have had several service companies clean our house inside and out.
Without a doubt, Windows Will Shine, Inc. has been our best solution for cleaning windows.  It is a pleasure to work with someone that won't leave until the job is 'perfect'. This attitude caused us to give them extra work on transoms, skylights and other fixtures.  After watching the quality of their work in 2003, we plan to increase their activity for windows, house cleaning and pressure washing in 2004."
--Jim and Becky Dockter

"Windows Will Shine did a beautiful job on our windows.  We could not believe how thorough they were.  We really feel that we got our money’s worth.  We have recommended them to all of our neighbors.  Thank you again!"
--Kimberly Guthrie

"Wow!!!  What a great job in cleaning my windows.  They are so clean you can barely tell there is any glass in the window.  I am very impressed.  Feel free to use me as a reference as I will highly recommend your company to my friends, neighbors and anyone else that may need your services."

--Nancy Rutledge